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Crumb Rubber CushionHow many lives does a carpet cushion have? If it's a Dura brand undercushion the answer is many!

It begins life as an automobile tire and after their useful life is over, unlucky tires go to the landfill or some graveyard in a farmer's field or on some stream bank. Some get lucky and are reincarnated as a Dura Undercushion. A typical truck tire will produce 5 or 6 metres of Duracushion with just the addition of a little latex and backing made from cellulose and fibreglass, both made from natural products. 90% by weight of every metre is recycled tire rubber and it has already been wear tested for 70,000 kilometres.

Tire rubber is tough, inert, indestructible. When tires go to the dump that's the bad news. When they become a Dura Undercushion that's the good news.

A tire's very qualities ensure a rugged product which will provide a firm foundation, over which several successive carpets can be installed. There are many instances where Dura has had three generations and more of carpet installed over it.

Dura Undercushions are recyclable into more Dura Undercushions - Life springs eternal.

What is crumb rubber cushion?

  • 90% by weight of every yard is recycled automobile tire rubber
  • Tire rubber is tough, inert and indestructible
  • A tire's very qualities ensure a rugged product which will
  • Provide a firm foundation for your carpet
  • Prolongs carpet life
  • Lifetime warranty

We offer the following lines of crumb rubber cushion:

Protector Synthetic back crumb rubber
5 mm
Duracushion Synthetic back crumb rubber
6 mm
Super Dura Synthetic back crumb rubber
10 mm
Durason Synthetic back crumb rubber
3.5 mm
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